Rebase Finance

Launch Details

Presales Detail

Before presales, the project had performed multiple KYC & Audits to ensure that our information was verified and the contract was safe to give investors confidence to invest in us.
There will be whitelist presales which tax-exempt purchases.
Tokens will be launched in our own AMM Dex RebaseSwap 48 hours after the public presales end. The launch price will start at 0.0000035 BNB.
Min BNB per Wallet
Max BNB per Wallet
BNB Raised
Price per token
0.5 BNB
714.4353 BNB
0.0000035 BNB

Presales (Whitelist) - 30 April 2022 - 5 PM UTC

Whitelist slots: 1250 (1000 for Discord, 250 for Telegram) Whitelist presales time limit: 24 hours Whitelist price per token: 0.000003 BNB Whitelist max BNB per wallet: 5 BNB

How does it work?

The presale(whitelist) will be conducted via a dynamic hard cap system with a maximum allocation of 5 BNB per wallet. That means that users can't buy the max contribution from the get-go, ensuring a fair chance for everyone who joins in the presale with a smaller fund.
The maximum allocation will be divided into four parts known as rounds, starting with a minimum of 0.5 BNB and a maximum of 1 BNB. Each round lasts 15 minutes & after each round, the allocation ceiling increases. The ceiling periodically increases until the cap gets raised or reaches the maximum allocation amount. This means that:
  • The first round gives you a cap of 1 BNB,
  • The second round gives you a cap of 2 BNB,
  • The third round gives you a cap of 3 BNB,
  • And the fourth round gives you a cap of 5 BNB.
Important: Any unsold $REBASE in Presales (Whitelist) or will be burned.

Where will the Presales be held?

On our dApp. You can access it via our website.

Presales Statistic

  • 714.43 BNB collected
  • 332 address contributed
  • 61 address max 5 BNB contributed
  • The last address for the Top 80 buyers contributed 3.55 BNB

Launching Date

3 May 2022 - 5 PM UTC

Launching Day Tax

There will be a launching day tax to prevent dumping.
You will be charged an additional 15% on top of the 20% sell tax for all selling. The additional launch tax will be reduced by 3% daily for five days until it reaches 0.
  • If a user is selling on the 1st day of launching, he will be charged 35% tax (20% sell tax + 15% launching day tax).
  • If a user is selling on the 2nd day of launching, he will be charged 32% tax (20% sell tax + 12% launching day tax).