Rebase Finance


What is Rebase Finance?

​REBASE FINANCE is inspired by Sphere, on BSC. We learned from the best and try to offer different kind of utilities to support and incorporate the features of Auto-staking and compounding capabilities with a Dynamic APY of 120,000% and a daily ROI as high as 0.86639%

What is the Goal of Rebase Finance?

We aim to provide a long-term value for users, and to return a high intrinsic value to all users of the protocol. Our goal is to have $REBASE token holders benefit from both supply and treasury growth.
The taxes applied to every transaction (buy/ sell/ transfer) will increase the treasury balance, which will both increase and help stabilize the price of the $REBASE token. This benefits both the protocol as well as $REBASE token holders. We have also created utilities to ensure the sustainability of the protocol.

Who is the team behind Rebase Finance?

Rebase Finance is a team formed by a group of 10 smart contract developers, community managers and a marketing specialist. Our team is mostly anonymous and born from the DeFi Community.