Rebase Finance

What makes Rebase Finance different?

Rebase Finance is inspired by Sphere Finance and built on BNB Chain; we adopted what we think is the best for the investor and improved the smart contract based on our perspective. We have a higher burn rate, 5% on sell, 8% on lottery, and our utilities AMM DEX.

A. Token Deflation/Burn Mechanism

Burning tokens is an essential function for a deflationary system. As we all know, Auto-staking & Compounding with high APY will cause high inflation. Burn Mechanism will help the protocol sustain staking reward and stabilize the token price. The burning mechanism in Rebase Finance protocol was developed before the launch. As you can see, most of the auto-stake & compounding protocols are without a burn mechanism, or it’s done manually instead of having an auto-burn feature. Rebase Finance burn mechanism consists of three aspects:
  • ​Burn: 5% of $REBASE sell transactions are burned in the Dead Wallet. The higher the selling pressure, the more $REBASE is sent to Dead Wallet. This reduces the circulating supply, thus keeping the Rebase Protocol price stabilizing over time.
  • Dynamic APY: To make the protocol sustainable, the APY has to be gradually reduce in order to slow down the inflation.
  • ​RebaseSwap As a Service (RaaS): is our own AMM DEX which burns tokens from swap fees for each trade. For RaaS, The DEX takes 0.3% as a trading fee and 0.05% of the fees will be sent toward token buyback and burn. Calculation of daily volume (Example): 3 million daily Trading Volume, 2 million buy trade, and 1 million sell trade.
    1mil * 5% sell tax = 50,000
    2mil * 0.05% trading fees burn = 1000
    A total of 51,000 USD value of $REBASE token will send to burn every day
  • ​Lottery: that will burn 8% from the total prize pool.

B. RebaseSwap as a Service (RaaS)

​RebaseSwap is an automated market maker (AMM) Exchange created by the project team, and we will be using our own custom-built AMM DEX for trading.
From the observation & feedback from most of the auto-staking and compounding protocols, it’s a common issue for AMM DEX to dump the project token collected from the trading fees.
Since tokens will get rebased every day, the DEX service provider will get more and more tokens every day. When the DEX service provider decides to sell the token accumulated, it will cause significant sell pressure and price volatility. This is one of the reasons why Rebase Finance will be launching RebaseSwap as a Service (RaaS).
We will collect a trading fee, but at the same time, we are providing the option for our client to buy back the token collected as a trading fee over the counter (OTC) instead of having us sell it in the market. We believe this will create a win-win situation for both parties. The more clients on board and use RaaS, the more $REBASE tokens it will buy back and burn. It is also another essential mechanism we built to control token inflation well.


  • ​Rebase Strategic Investment (RSI) will diversify into three categories of risk management (please check documentation). Besides stable coin lending and yield farming, we are targeting potential projects in the seed fund stage. Currently, there are two whitelisted projects targeted. We aim to invest after we launch Rebase Finance.
  • ​Rebase Exclusive Club (REC) is a club that privilege holder to receive shares of revenue from RSI. The gains from RSI will be allocated as follows: 90% back to treasury and 10% share with REC members. Members will get NFT (Rebase Exclusive Club Pass) as a REC identity. How to become a REC member? We will announce it later and make sure it is not only for whales.
  • ​Launchpad and KYC: With the establishment of RaaS, we can provide a complete service for all new projects. KYC with the new project owner to ensure or lower the risk of financial fault/crime and become a third party that allows a project to raise funds. All revenues from the launch pad will be sent to buy back and burn $REBASE tokens.