Rebase Finance

Rebase Exclusive Club (REC)

What is Rebase Exclusive Club (REC)?

Rebase Exclusive Club (REC) is a NFT identity pass that benefits from-
  • 10% RSI profit and will divide and distribute to all REC holders.
  • 50% of tokens collected from the launchpad projects will airdrop to REC holders.
  • Gain early access to all new services and products by Rebase Finance.
Important: 1 REC NFT per wallet.

Profit Dividend / Airdrops

The distribution of RSI dividend and launchpad token airdrops will be proportional to the total REC holders $REBASE holding.
Example: RSI dividend = 10,000 BNB If REC holder A holds 3,000 $REBASE tokens, and the of total REC holders have 30,000 $REBASE tokens, then A will get 10% from RSI dividend or 1,000 BNB.

How to claim profit?

(To be announced)

REC Pass Allocation

There will be only 500 REC Pass (NFT).
Presales (Public) Top Buyer
Launching Day Top Buyer
Discord Guru Members
Marketing & Giveaway
Project Team
Public Sales

How to Whitelist?

You will be given WL if you meet the allocation requirement above.

WL Mint Date

16 May 2022 5PM UTC

Public Sales Mint Date

19 May 2022 5PM UTC

Mint Price

FREE for Whitelisted Members 500,000 $REBASE for Public Sales

How to mint?

  1. 1.
    Eligible personnel will be given a Whitelist to mint for free within the allocated time.
  2. 2.
    Leftovers from the whitelist will go to the allocations for the public sales.
  3. 3.
    Public sales require mint with $REBASE.
  4. 4.
    Once it reaches maximum supply, mint will disable.