Rebase Finance

Rebase Strategic Investment (RSI)

The treasury is one of the most important aspects to bringing value to the users of the protocol. Building a deep treasury allows users to benefit from other means besides the $REBASE token.
Rebase Strategic Investment (RSI) aims to grows the treasury by investing the money into following:
  • 40% Low Risk - Stablecoin Staking and Yield-Farming (20%+APR)
  • 30% Medium Risk - DeFi products with slightly higher risk profile and higher return (40%+ APR)
  • 30% High Risk - Early investment to Defi, NFT & GameFi project.
With just basic staking alone, the treasury can grow by 20%. The project team is confident to get 100% gains in the current market conditions.

RSI Profit Distribution

90% of RSI profit will goes back into Treasury, 10% profit will distribution to REC holders.